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MAGA Trump Kiss I'm Indicted Coffee Mug

MAGA Trump Kiss I'm Indicted Coffee Mug

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Presenting our bold and provocative MAGA-themed Ceramic Coffee Mug, a piece designed to spark conversations. It showcases a striking image of Trump behind bars, a visual commentary on Trump's indictment, printed on both sides for maximum impact.

This mug isn't just about making a statement. It's also about the joy of a perfect cup of coffee. Made from high-quality ceramic, it ensures your drink stays hot and enjoyable for longer. The durable handle provides a firm grip, making it an everyday essential you'd love to hold.

Choose between our 11oz and 15oz versions, depending on how much caffeine you need to kick-start your day. This mug is an ideal choice for those who value outspoken political humor and love to express their opinions openly.

Whether you're using it at the office, at home, or gifting it to a politically conscious friend, this mug is sure to get noticed. Enjoy the mix of politics, humor, and your favorite hot beverage with our MAGA-themed ceramic mug. Make a bold statement with every sip!

On March 31, 2023, President Trump was indicted by Manhattan District Attorney’s Office for a hush money payment scheme.

But like most things involving Trump, there is a period of time before the truth comes out. And it's usually the exact opposite of what the media wants.

It'll be glorious to drink your coffee in front of your left leaning friends when the truth comes out. And enjoy Trump's kiss to the Manhattan DA!

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