About Us

Coffee Mugs and Hats Owner Mike

Thanks for visiting the Coffee Mugs & Hats website.   Here's a little bit about us and why we exist.

My name is Mike and I am the owner of Coffee Mugs and Hats.  I've been looking for an online business to pour my heart and soul into for awhile now.  I've had a couple online businesses. 

One was a knife store called Tactical Knife Supply.  Knives are super cool, but there are hundreds of brands and thousands of models and it was hard to really nail down what my customers were looking for.  As much as I enjoyed the knives and the idea, it wasn't really a practical business for me.

I have another website called Reddog Apparel (recently closed to allow me to focus on Coffeemugsandhats.com).   The plan was to build my own brand.  It's been a lot of fun, but I'm just not 100% passionate about it.  I enjoy the design process, but it's a super difficult business when the main focus was t-shirts and Covid-19 really messed up the supply chain.  Continuing to get the exact t-shirts I wanted to sell to my customers became difficult and I wanted to sell the best product to my customers. 

While working on Reddog Apparel, I learned that my customers were really interested in Coffee Mugs and Hats.  AND this is what led me to start Coffee Mugs


and Hats.   It allows me to be laser focused on a small product line and allow me to continue to create cool merchandise that people are looking for.  PLUS - I love coffee!!

More about me?   I love riding bicycles - all kinds of bicycles.   I enjoy staying in good shape so the bicycle riding helps a lot with that.   I am dabbling in 3D printing and learning 3D software to design my 'own things' which has been a total blast.  And I have a dog name Ryder that keeps me on my toes - not really, he's a lazy dog.

Again, thanks for visiting Coffee Mugs and Hats.  If you have any ideas that you would like to see on a coffee mug (or any website suggestions to improve your experience), please feel free to email me:  mike@coffeemugsandhats.com 

I hope you are having a great day!