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Alpina Vittata Coffee Mug

Alpina Vittata Coffee Mug

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A white ceramic coffee mug with the Alpina Vittata plant printed on 3 sides.

Alpina vittata is a tropical evergreen perennial with a clump forming habit. It should be noted this plant will die back to ground level at the lower end of its hardiness range. Its mid green leaves are marbled with white variegation, are lanceolate with entire margins, up to 20cm long and 5cm across. Its leaves emerge from pseudo-stems, these are made up with many layers of leaf sheaths. Its pink/ red flowers appear as pendulous spikes which are up to 25cm long. Its roots contain rhizomes from which its leaf stems emerge.

Alpina vittata, commonly known as Marble Ginger, Striped Narrow Leaf Ginger or Variegated Ginger, is native to the Solomon Islands. In its native habitat it grows as a tropical woodland understory plant. Alpina vittata is synonymous with Alpina sanderae.

Add a bit of brightness to the morning routine with one of our high quality, dishwasher and microwave safe classic mugs made from quality ceramic with a comfortable handle.

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